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We seek to grow in stature and respect in our community by providing the highest-quality accounting, audit, tax and related professional services to help our clients succeed. We strive to promote a dynamic work environment that is rewarding professionally and personally for our employees.

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Vestal & Wiler is the premier Certified Public
Accounting Firm in Central Florida

Vestal & Wiler is one of the leading Certified Public Accounting Firms in Central Florida, providing innovative and creative solutions to business problems. Always committed to be on the leading edge of our profession, with total professionalism and integrity, we continue to grow in stature and respect in our community.

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Our Summer Leadership Program provides students with a deeper knowledge of the public accounting field. Check out our Summer Leadership Page under the Careers tab.

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Central Florida Certified Public Accountants

Value, in addition to quality, is the way to accomplish our mission. Value goes beyond the quality of technical work performed; value includes timeliness, communication, a caring attitude and a fair cost.

Above all, we are committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations. Long-term relationships are the building blocks to our success and the success of our clients. We pride ourselves in being innovative and creative and look beyond standard solutions to problems.


  • First Team Properties

    I began working with Vestal & Wiler as their first client in 1993. Our relationship continued as they grew to be a major player in the Orlando accounting scene. I believe Vestal & Wiler's partners and associates are of the finest caliber audit and tax accountants and offer the highest level of service in the industry. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and hope to continue to engage them for another twenty years.

    Warner Peacock, President First Team Properties

  • Tri-City Electrical Contractors

    Vestal & Wiler offers a complete spectrum of specialized accounting, consulting and tax services. For over a decade, they have provided us with a well-trained and responsive group of professionals who have a full understanding of the financial aspects of the construction industry to service our needs.

    Jack A. Olmstead, Chief Financial Officer, Tri-City Electrical Contractors

  • The Kessler Enterprise, Inc.

    Vestal & Wiler has been a strategic partner with our company in providing financial reviews, audits, tax returns and estate planning services since 1996. Their commitment to client service and excellence is in direct parity with our business model.

    Day Dantzler, Executive Vice President & CFO, Kessler

  • Zero Chaos

    Vestal & Wiler provides exemplary tax and audit services.  They pay close attention to detail complimented by their quality customer care.  We are very pleased with their outstanding services and recommend them without question.

    Harold Mills, Chief Executive Officer, Zero Chaos

  • CoAdvantage Resources

    CoAdvantage has partnered with Vestal & Wiler now for many years to provide insightful and business objective driven technical research, compliance and attestation related reporting, and general business advice. They bring the right resources to the table and are extremely responsive in meeting our deadlines. We view them as an essential toward successfully achieving our goals and a trustworthy partner who can think outside of the box. We would recommend them to others seeking a similar trusted advisor.

    Jeffrey J. Sjobeck, Chief Financial Officer, CoAdvantage

  • Waste Pro USA

    Waste Pro has been a client of Vestal and Wiler since our inception in 2001. During that time, we have grown from one to forty locations in six states, closed three progressively larger credit facilities, sold a minority position to a private equity firm, issued more than $50,000,000 of bonds and closed 25 acquisitions, The quality of Vestal and Wiler’s financial audits, tax planning and management advisory services have been an important part of our success.

    John Jennings, CEO, Waste Pro

  • ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

    Vestal & Wiler has been instrumental in helping structure our family’s multi-generational estate plans. It is difficult to keep up with today’s ever-changing tax regulations and Vestal & Wiler has clearly outlined our alternatives and made the decision process much easier. We highly recommend the team at Vestal & Wiler.

    Charles Bailes, Chief Executive Officer, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

  • WELBRO Building Corporation

    We have worked with Vestal & Wiler since 1999. They have always been responsive and knowledgeable in helping us deal with both the ordinary and the unexpected.  We would recommend Vestal & Wiler without hesitation.

    Larry F. Nelson, Chief Financial Officer, WELBRO

  • Palm Beach Capital

    Palm Beach Capital chose Vestal & Wiler because of their reputation as the leading CPA firm in Central Florida serving exclusively middle- market companies, as well as great credibility with area banks and equity groups. Their technical ability is strong on both the audit and tax side. Their people are not only technical but easy to work with and because of this we see them as business people and partners to our firm. They also provide higher levels of services because they have less “red tape” to work around than the large national firms. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a CPA firm.

    Shaun L. McGruder, Partner and Co-Founder, Palm Beach Capital

  • PowerDMS

    Since 2012, Vestal & Wiler has provided PowerDMS with exemplary audit and tax services. For the past five years, our web-based software company has consistently grown its revenues and staff by 35 percent, leading to unique challenges, including registering in 50 U.S. states. Vestl & Wiler navigates our complex needs, handles our fast growth and remains flexible, matching our young, tech culture. Their team is extremely easy to work with, competent and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them, as a one-stop accounting shop, for any middle-market business.

    Craig Petersen, COO/CFO, PowerDMS

  • Arsenal

    Vestal & Wiler is comprised of a proactive and thoughtful team. We value their relationship which touches all aspects of our business. As our company has grown, Vestal & Wiler has gone beyond the role of a traditional accounting partner and continues to provide us with first class service.

    Charlie Dudley, Principal, Arsenal

MSI Global Alliance

Many of Vestal & Wiler's clients do business worldwide and this presents a powerful opportunity to fully utilize our global alliances. We believe this widens the scope of the services that we are able to provide and enhances our reach to a higher level.

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